Product Development

Using our expertise to help you make the most of your development opportunity

We specialise in product development from conceptualisation through to testing and deployment, in industrial and commercial settings. Our particular areas of interest are architectural steelwork and agricultural equipment, but we undertake work across all sectors.

The process will be tailored to your needs, but broadly consists of the following:

  • We’ll discuss with you your ideas to get a clear view of your requirements and targets
  • Outline and agree set of product and project objectives befitting the unique nature of your opportunity
  • Then we will apply our engineering, mathematical and scientific know-how in conjunction with the applicable governing standards in an iterative manner to design, and optimise a solution consulting and collaborating with you along the way
  • The output depends on the agreed objectives, but might be: CAD models in your choice of format; a validation prototype; or a product ready for mass production 

Architectural Steelwork

Intelligent use of cutting edge manufacturing techniques, a variety of accessory materials including concrete, Stone and glass allows us to deliver a broad range of architectural features, maximising the impact of your architectural statement, with minimal waste.

We can:

  • Produce aesthetically pleasing, bespoke designs for largescale projects, including: walkways, mezzanines, stairways, fencing
  • Produce exemplar pieces/models of the finished results to see and touch


We will coordinate with project architects, engineers in conjunction with our trusted downstream suppliers to produce the striking results you desire

Agricultural Machinery

Being in the heart of the UK countryside, we see first-hand the struggles produce growers go through to put food on the table. We are expanding our services into an arena that is new to us, and will be putting our skills to use, guided by our core values, to implement solutions that are simple and effective, minimising down time and fuel consumption for a fair price.

We will:

  • Produce agricultural implements that will be low maintenance, robust, efficient
  • Develop electro-hydraulic control systems for a variety of agricultural applications
  • Design and produce bespoke agricultural equipment that fulfils your needs.


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