CAD Design

Combining cutting edge CAD technology and our specialist knowledge to help you optimise your designs

Production of highly accurate and detailed models, which are quickly and easily modified and altered allowing multiple design concepts to be investigated in the digital realm, before creating physical components. Saving you time and money in the product development cycle.

We can:

  • Create or modify 3D CAD models
  • Create CNC ready files for manufacture eg: .DXF .NC .gcode
  • Produce high quality renders


Using the industry leading 3D modelling software, SolidWorks.

Creation of accurate and comprehensive engineering drawings of the part containing all of the relevant dimensional, tolerance, material, finishing and/or assembly information that can be used by your favoured contractor to produce the component in question.

We can:

  • Create or modify general assemblies
  • Component drawings
  • Full fabrication drawing packages


All of which will be presented in a clear, concise manner correct to BS8888:2020.

Production of models, drawings or, more generically, information detailing an existing component where digital data or drawings were not previously accessible allowing, amongst other things, reproduction of legacy components, digital archiving, identification of areas of optimisation in existing OEM components or competitor analysis.

We can:

  • Reproduce CAD data from existing physical components
  • Reverse engineer control signals for existing controller networks
  • Data log can-bus control system networks 


Without compromising your (or our) legal and ethical principles, through our reverse engineering process. 

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