Rusty Bumblebee

We posted a plasma cutter ride-along video a while ago showing the cutting of the weathering steel bumblebee, and here is what we made…

The Bumblebee in raw un-rusted weathering steel.

That is how it looks at the start, in raw freshly buffed shiny steel and which will rust, over time, when left to its own devices outside.

That natural rusting process happens over a period of months. However, if you want to have the rusted finish sooner, we can accelerate the process by spraying the raw metal with a special rusting solution, like this…

Just sprayed…
…starting to rust…
…getting rustier

As you can see, in no time, the Bumblebee has taken on its gorgeous red-orange rusty patina…

Rusty Bumblebee

If you want to capture it like that, we can also lacquer the finished rusted article, or you can just leave the surface uncovered and let the colour develop further over time.

You can find the Weathering Steel Bumblebee and the other animal silhouettes in the store, available in a range of sizes.



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